The TMAP Mission – Phase I

The Tantric Manuscript Acquisition Project was created early in 2012 in order to fund a trip to Kashmir to pay for the purchase of a vast number of digital scans of revered Tantrik works retained in the Oriental Research library (ORL) at the University of Jammu and Kashmir in Srinagar. This mission was inspired upon discovering that the ORL had finally completed a lengthy project to create digital scans of their vast collection of rare Śaiva manuscripts, making these scans available (although for a fee). This eliminated the painstaking and time-consuming challenge of the visiting scholar to photograph each manuscript page desired.

At the Oriental Research Library in Srinagar

Nonetheless, the ORL collection remains available only to those who personally visit the library in Srinagar, and only with permission of the Kashmiri government. Moreover, sojourns to the library have been compromised in recent years by frequent violent uprisings in the region. But due to the relative peace existing in Kashmir over the past year or so, TMAP was put into action this past Spring.

The two primary goals of TMAP were to acquire:

  1.  Śaiva manuscripts which remain un-published and un-translated, especially those of the little-known Kashmiri lineage known as the Kālīkula (or Krama).
  2.  Additional manuscripts of published Śaiva works, most of which are based on  limited number of often inferior manuscripts, in order to encourage scholars to produce critical editions [HYPERLINK TO THAT LINK] and thus more accurate and reliable translations.*

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