Śāradā Sahasra Nāma Fundraiser

GOAL: to publish this priceless work in time for the prescribed performance of its homa, during Navarātrī 2013…

* revealed at the Sringeri Sharada Temple in Stroudsburg, PA, May 27th 2013.
* Four short videos found at the bottom of this page present the integrity of this project.

Dear Śringeri Community Leaders,

My name is Christopher Tompkins, a Sanskrit scholar specializing in Śaiva literature. I had the honor of introducing the Śāradā Sahasra Nāma at your temple in Stroudsburg in May.

Three months ago, a single surviving copy of this priceless work was discovered,  the ritual of which is referenced in the “Durgā Sapta Shati”, the text from which verses on Śrī Śāradā are cited every Navarātrī by Jagadguru Mahāsvāmī-ji.

The immediate financial support (before the end of June, 2013), from the Śringeri community of this Śāradā Sahasra Nāma Project is imperative to restoring this core Śāradā ritual in time for Navarātrī 2013; the only prescribed time that this Sahasra Nāma ritual is to be performed, according to the text itself.

We write to request a grant of $8,000 from the Śringeri community, in partnership with the Kashmiri Pandits, to complete this invaluable work by the deadline of September 5th, 2013.

 Completion of the entire Śāradā Sahasra Nāma Project in time for Navarātrī, requires a minimum of $10,000 total. Approximately $2000 has generously been donated by the Kashmir Pandit Community; by Dr. Nirmal Mattoo, Rakesh Kaul, and Dr. Sanjeev Kaul, as well as your generous donation of $250.

In honor of Śrī Śāradā and her devotees worldwide, I abandoned all other work in April 2012, and began the tedious process of editing and transcribing this lengthy text from its original ‘śāradā’ script, into Devanāgarī Sanskrit.

We are now in the full-time process of producing an edition of the Śāradā Sahasra Nāma with a submission deadline to Jagadguru Mahāsvāmī-ji and temple leaders by September 5th, 2013. This will require my full time work from now through early September, in addition to two (part-time) graduate student assistants.

Your timely funding will allow us to complete the following Project Goals by September 5th:

  1. EDITING WORK. Approximately 50% of the work will concern the editing of the text. This single surviving copy of the Śāradā Sahasranāma contains numerous scribal errors.
  2. TRANSCRIPTION INTO DEVANĀGARĪ FROM ŚĀRADĀ SCRIPT of the entire Śāradā Sahasra Nāma, including:
    • Introductory dialogue between Bhairava and Bhairavī which qualifies the importance of the ritual
    • Preparatory (yogic) rites of the officiant with an overview of the necessary mantras employed for the Śāradā Sahasra Nāma homa
    • The 1,000 Names of Goddess Śāradā, in their entirety and in proper grammatical declension
    • Appendix of prescriptions for the specific timing and performance of the ritual during the festival of Navarātrī, including prohibitions and goals of the ritual
  3. TRANSLATION INTO ENGLISH, for temple communities outside of India.

* Your funding will assist our team in publishing a beautiful, accessible edition of the final product by September 5th, 2013, as a spiral-bound hard copy (convenient for homas) and as a downloadable PDF, for the community of Śāradā devotees worldwide and free to the leaders of all Sringeri Sharada temple communities, at the discretion of His Holiness, Śrī Jagaguru Mahāsvāmī-ji.

This special edition will feature:

  • A transcription from the original Śāradā script extant in the scroll into both Devanāgrī, for the temple priests to use in the Navarātrī homa, and for devotees to follow along
  • Beautiful illustrations of the Goddess for the dhyānam (deity visualization), specific to descriptions given in the text

We are delighted to invite you into this community collaboration, and we look forward to worshiping with you this October, during Fall Navrātri 2013.

Please direct any additional questions to cptompkins@yahoo.com.

Thanks for your consideration.


Christopher P. Tompkins, Kashmir Shaivism Preservation Project 

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The Legacy of Śrī Śāradā and the Rediscovery of her Forgotten Sahasra Nāma.

The Contents of the Śāradā Sahasra Nāma of Śrī Sahajaka.

The Śrī Śāhasra Nāma Pūjā and its Performance during Navarātrī.
The Śāradā Sahasra Nāma ritual is prescribed by our text for dusk on the eighth day of Navarātrī.

It is the ritual specifically referred to for the worship of Śāradā in the Durgā Sapta Shati, the text which is recited from by Jagadguru Mahāsvāmī-ji every Navarātrī for the worship of Śāradā.

Here is a video outlining the text’s prescriptions for performing the Śāradā Sahasranāma homa during Navarātrī– her most sacred ritual, revealed here for the first time in centuries…

From Manuscript to Ritual: Process of Bringing a Sacred Text Back to Life.

The process of  bringing a sacred, archaic text back to life, from manuscript to ritual, is a ritual journey in itself.

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Download Transformations IV Report


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